New #ASN1js feature: showing field names, as taken from #ASN1 module definitions parsed right out of #RFC.
Consider it beta for now (currently supports only X.509 and CMS definitions, but this will change in the future).
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ChatGPT and entropy [Italian]

The interaction is in italian, the gist of it is that #ChatGPT while telling me a "tiramisù" recipe forgot to tell me to separate egg yolk and whites and once corrected he instructed me to separate them after eggs have been beaten and mixed with sugar. I think #physics of our universe might pose some issued with that.

Volevo provare ChatGPT, dato che il sito ufficiale era sovraccarico ho utilizzato un bot Telegram bot chiamato gpt3_unlim_chatbot e dopo un paio di domandine facili di riscaldamento ho deciso di entrare in ambito "religioso" e gli ho chiesto quale fosse la ricetta del tiramisù. (argomento che, come per la carbonara, sconsiglio di avere con amici)

Mi sembra che la conversazione prodotta sia piuttosto interessante. 🤣

Dimmi una buona ricetta per fare il Tiramisù.

Il Tiramisù è un dolce tradizionale italiano che si prepara con biscotti al caffè, crema al mascarpone, cacao amaro, zucchero e uova. Per prepararlo, inizia con la preparazione della crema al mascarpone: sbatti le uova e unisci lo zucchero, poi unisci il mascarpone e mescola bene fino ad ottenere una crema liscia. Poi, in una terrina, mescola il caffè e il marsala, poi immergi i biscotti nel composto e sistemali in una teglia rettangolare. Distribuisci la crema al mascarpone sopra i biscotti, poi cospargi con il cacao amaro. Metti in frigorifero per almeno due ore. Quando pronto, il Tiramisù è pronto per essere servito. Buon appetito!

Forse hai dimenticato che bisogna separare le chiare e montarle a neve.

Ah, giusto! La ricetta del Tiramisù prevede che le uova siano separate, con le chiare montate a neve. Quindi, dopo aver sbattuto le uova e unito lo zucchero, occorre separare i tuorli dalle chiare e montare a neve le ultime. Una volta fatto, aggiungi i tuorli alla crema al mascarpone e mescola bene. Poi procedi come indicato nella ricetta.

Il secondo principio della termodinamico mi rende difficoltoso separare le chiare dopo aver sbattuto le uova.

Il secondo principio della termodinamica non ha nulla a che fare con la separazione delle chiare dalle uova sbattute. Si tratta di una questione puramente pratica: quando si sbattono le uova, le chiare e i tuorli si mescolano tra loro, quindi occorre separarli. Tuttavia, una volta che hai separato le chiare dai tuorli, non c'è alcun problema tecnico e puoi procedere con la preparazione del Tiramisù come indicato nella ricetta.

Script to launch a few tmux tabs

Here's a script I just cooked to launch a few #tmux tabs (also as a GitHub Gist):
awk -F= -vq="'" '{
  t=system("tmux new-window -n " q $1 q)
  system("tmux send-keys -t " q t q " " q $2 q " C-m")
}' <<EOF # commands can contain ", but avoid '
tab1=echo command on tab 1
tab2=echo command on tab 2
tab3=echo tab 3 ; echo "tab 3 cmd 2"
Tested on #FreeBSD and #WSL #Ubuntu.

Advent of Code 2022

At first, I didn't really understand all the buzz about #AdventOfCode but then I decided to use it as an excuse to (finally?) explore languages I didn't try yet, and thus I decided to do each day in a new language.

Day 1 I did in #Awk, a simple scripting language which is very nice at managing text streams.

Day 2 was #JavaScript and day 3 #Java, this is definitely my comfort zone.

Day 3 was #Python, a language whose syntax I utterly dislike, but it was quite easy to solve.

For day 4 I tried #RustLang, this was so difficult (so much new stuff to learn) but I'm happy enough with the result! (or at least, it looks nice enough to me, not knowing much about the language)

For day 5 I finally used #Scala, a functional language I would like to use and love… but my result is probably THE WORST I did on this adventure so far… I really dislike all those "list updates" (I tried with ArraySeq and other approaches, but to no avail), and I have the feeling that a proper Scala solution could be written in half the lines or even less.

Day 6 I did in #GoLang and while I don't realyl dig the syntax, it was easy enough to write.

… but the one I'm most proud of is day 7 in #LISP, which took an amount of time I'm not proud of (most of today's free hours with the constant feeling that "20 more minutes and I'm done"), but I'm quite happy with the result!

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#C64 #retrogaming

Penrose tilings

The infinite nature of Penrose tilings never fails to blow my mind a little bit more, each and every time.

This tiling generator (as advertised in the video) is such a beauty.


Browser JavaScript properties order

Come on, browsers, please.
You know the proper property order.
It has even been (recently) standardized.
You even print it correctly in the short preview.
Why ruining it all in the long detailed version?
Maybe the object has hundreds of properties and
the user might prefer them sorted, granted.
But please give us choice regarding that.
Add a tiny small icon to change the order,
just like Chrome does to warn the values
might have changed in the meantime.
#Firefox #Chrome #JavaScript #JSON #ES2020

Turns out that 2/3 of all 6 digits decimal #random OTP (as generated by #HOTP = RFC4226) have 4+ digits long prime factors.
#numberTheory is strange.

Seems like what this really means is that all the links in your private emails will be sent to the USA where a bot will open them one by one using Chrome.
Yes, even when using it "On Premise".
I might be naïve but this seems like a big can of #privacy worms. #GDPR anyone?

I'm using Xiaomi hardware, but thanksfully Android One software so I never had (or used) the Mint browser.
Still worrying, a lot.
And bad PR in outright denying it, extremely bad PR.

I find this article very interesting and share most of the author's fears regarding this bill.

"the fuck do you want?" emoticon incoming

Shortly on your mobile phone (and elsewhere) the new and shiny emoticon that any Italian would read as «what the fuck do you want?» or «what are you talking about? that's bullshit!». Use it with care. ;)

@zachtronics delivers, yet again.
I'm halfway thru the chapters and loving #Eliza so far!

#SQLite #Telegram JSON backup import, now updated to use the recently available group ids in the dump. Runs on #NodeJS.
(originally group id was generated sequentially during import)

I was just hit by a (trivial) truth:
#node is the new #perl.
(except i love it)

NERV Cannarsi-style

Dopo la lettura dell'articolo di Doc Manhattan sul nuovo adattamento di #Evangelion curato da Cannarsi io e Mauro e Mattia non potevamo esimerci dal produrre quest'immagine.

(English brief: Evangelion was re-dubbed in Italian, and it's so bad)

How does Apple (privately) find your offline devices?

I quote from the article:
How is this system going to avoid being a massive privacy nightmare?
The good news is that Apple claims that their system actually does provide strong privacy, and that it accomplishes this using clever cryptography. But as is typical, they’ve declined to give out the details how they’re going to do it. […] an incomplete technical description that Apple provided to Wired […] provides many hints. Unfortunately, what Apple provided still leaves huge gaps. It’s into those gaps that I’m going to fill in my best guess for what Apple is actually doing.

«There is a weird belief amongst policy makers that hacking an encryption system's key management system is fundamentally different than hacking the system's encryption algorithm. The difference is only technical; the effect is the same. Both are ways of weakening encryption.»
#security #crypto #policy #backdoor #escrow

Creality Ender 3

…so, after a couple of years of trying to leave the idea aside, I finally bought a 3D printer.
I'm really amazing how good is a cheap printer (€217) nowadays, and how easy it was to set it up.
In the first concave prints I had lots of stringing, which I solved as suggested by CHEP.
So, yes, now I own a 118dB whistle and I don't even know why. :P

You can follow my experiments in this Google Photos album:
#3dprint #Creality #Ender3

Hearing passwords

Turns out a mobile phone’s microphones can be used as a side-channel attack to “read” your PIN (or stuff).

We need to choose either #security or #surveillance.
Fuck surveillance.

Quoting a recent post from Bruce Schneier:
Either everyone gets to spy, or no one gets to spy. And I believe we must choose security over surveillance, and implement a defense-dominant strategy.


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3 most recent RPGs:
Dogs in the Vineyard

3 favorite RPGs, ever:
• Kagematsu
• Dogs in the Vineyard

3 most want-to-play RPGs:
• Monsterhearts
Shock: social schience fiction
Bliss Stage

…and this is but one of the reasons I dislike DRM

Microsoft announces it will shut down ebook program and confiscate its customers' libraries. Just another reminder that DRM is hostile towards users.


T.I.E. by theam Thumos

It's been a long time since I binge-read a #webcomic … and it's time to do it again, this time with my friends' noteworthy «T.I.E. — is the love on Mars?». =)

Electronic vote fail (in Switzerland)

As predicted by xkcd (and, well, most security professionals), critical flaws were indeed found: Bruce Schneier's article, mostly citing Cory Doctorow's.

Windows' windows position

Do you hate when Windows® happily decides the position of your windows isn't so important and scrambles them all around (e.g. after a resolution change, launching a full screen game, or attaching an extra monitor)?

Now you can use this, a public domain software I found on GitHub and improved to fix Win10 support some time ago.

Windows 10 + ISO 8601

The more you know: using «English - Sweden» regional settings I can get all the dates in Windows 10 exactly like I want. #iso8601

I hope I can change my profile photo soon enough. :/
Yay! I found and fixed the bug.
Patrick Marchiodi friendica (via ActivityPub)
Nice to *see* you, finally xD
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