Advent of Code 2022

At first, I didn't really understand all the buzz about #AdventOfCode but then I decided to use it as an excuse to (finally?) explore languages I didn't try yet, and thus I decided to do each day in a new language.

Day 1 I did in #Awk, a simple scripting language which is very nice at managing text streams.

Day 2 was #JavaScript and day 3 #Java, this is definitely my comfort zone.

Day 3 was #Python, a language whose syntax I utterly dislike, but it was quite easy to solve.

For day 4 I tried #RustLang, this was so difficult (so much new stuff to learn) but I'm happy enough with the result! (or at least, it looks nice enough to me, not knowing much about the language)

For day 5 I finally used #Scala, a functional language I would like to use and love… but my result is probably THE WORST I did on this adventure so far… I really dislike all those "list updates" (I tried with ArraySeq and other approaches, but to no avail), and I have the feeling that a proper Scala solution could be written in half the lines or even less.

Day 6 I did in #GoLang and while I don't realyl dig the syntax, it was easy enough to write.

… but the one I'm most proud of is day 7 in #LISP, which took an amount of time I'm not proud of (most of today's free hours with the constant feeling that "20 more minutes and I'm done"), but I'm quite happy with the result!

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