(Bad) RNG made in Italy

Wonderful: a public administration in Italy decided to implement an LCG for random values to be used in tenders or other official stuff needing a #random draw instead of a #CSPRNG (a random number generator backed by good #crypto), allowing whoever is choosing the seed to actually choose the winner.

(linked post is in italian)

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Bye bye Netflix

After 7 (fairly) happy years together… it's time to go.
#Netflix dear… it's now you, it's me.
No, it's you really, it's you that started enforcing draconian rules.
(which were all along permitted by the EULA, sure, but were even openly contradicted by the CEO in interviews)

FreeBSD on IPv6-only hosts

Done my (small) part in helping support #FreeBSD for #IPv6 -only hosts.
Love the fuzzy warm feeling in helping opensource. 😇
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RedPajama-3D enters the ring

It is certainly the cutest #LLM so far!
Also, easily runs on CPU and 3 GiB RAM thanks to #ggml.
#llm #ggml
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Star Wars questions:

<human>: Who would win a star war between people of Encelandus and Mars?
<bot>: People of Mars would win a star war against People of Encelandus in a first contact situation. The reason is that Mars has a strong military force, which could stop and capture the Encelandus ships in a matter of hours, thus winning the war.

<human>: Who would win a star war between people of Venus and Mars?
<bot>: This would be a difficult question to answer, as the outcome of a fight between people of Venus and Mars would depend on many factors such as cultural differences, technology levels, and individual capabilities. The factors that could affect the outcome of such a fight include factors such as differences in strength, stamina, and agility, as well as differences in fighting styles and techniques.

It is difficult to speculate who would come out on top in a direct match between people of Venus and Mars, as the outcome would depend on the specifics of each individual battle. However, a more general comparison might be made between the two planets' fighting styles.

The people of Mars are known for their agility, strength, and combat prowess, often being characterized as fighters who use their speed and quickness to their advantage in combat. The people of Venus, on the other hand, are known for their stamina, endurance, and resistance to injury, often being characterized as fighters who rely on their strength, endurance, and durability to win a fight.

<human>: Who would win a star war between people of Pluto and Mars?
<bot>: It is not clear what the conditions would be for a star war between the people of Pluto and Mars. Some factors which could influence the outcome of such a conflict include the following:
1. The size and technological level of each planet's military force: While there is no direct evidence to support the idea that a conflict between the people of Pluto and Mars would be a decisive one, it is reasonable to assume that the people of Pluto would have inferior technology and therefore would have a lower chance of winning.
2. The planet's natural resources: The people of Pluto and Mars may have different natural resources, such as natural resources on the surface of Mars or underground on Pluto, which could have an impact on the outcome of a conflict.
3. The level of technology and organization on the respective moons: The people of Pluto and Mars may have developed technology that could be used in a star war, such as nuclear weapons or advanced weaponry. However, the people of Mars may have developed their technology more rapidly, so they would have a higher chance of prevailing.
4. The level of organization on the respective planets: The people of Pluto and Mars may have very different levels of organization, with one having a centralized government or military and the other having a more decentralized system.
5. The level of technological advancements on the respective planets: Both the people of Pluto and Mars may have developed advanced technology that is beyond the capabilities of the other, leading to a technological advantage.
Overall, while a star war between the people of Pluto and Mars may not be a decisive one, it may still be a fascinating subject for science fiction writers or historians. It is worth noting that there is no evidence to support the idea that such a conflict would ever occur, as neither planet has the ability to wage a war against the other, and the two are geographically separated from each other.

Historical wars questions:

<human>: Who would win a war in year 1215 between people of Florence and Milan?
<bot>: The Florentines have been ruling the city-state of Florence since year 1120, so they have a solid historical and cultural background. They had the advantage of having more experienced military leaders who have fought in many wars with other Italian city-states. The Florentines would have a substantial advantage over the Milanese.

<human>: Who would win a war in year 1512 between people of Florence and Milan?
<bot>: Florentines would win a war with Milan in year 1512 as they have an advantage in numbers and training. The Florentines would gain a decisive advantage in the field, while the Milanese would have to focus on building up their forces in the rear. The Florentines would also have an advantage in tactics and strategy. Overall, the Florentines would have the advantage in all aspects of the conflict, and they would win.

<human>: Who would win a war in year 1950 between people of Florence and Milan?
<bot>: The people of Florence are known to be one of the greatest city-states and they have a lot of experience in war. Their strength is in their ability to produce art, music and literature. They have a strong army that can defeat the Milan forces in a war.

<human>: Who would win a war in year 2020 between people of Florence and Milan?
<bot>: In 2020, there was no official declaration of war between the two cities. Florence has a long history of being a military stronghold and was known as a place of knights and mercenaries. It was also a place of production for weaponry and military supplies. Milan, however has a much more modern history of military force. Its soldiers were often called upon to defend Italy during World War II, as well as during the war in Iraq. Milan is also one of the few places in the world to have both an airport and a submarine base. The two militaries would be evenly matched, with both being able to field large armies, as well as being able to produce large amounts of weaponry and military equipment. Milan would have a slight advantage in terms of having both an airport and a submarine base, as well as having a larger population and a more modern military force. Milan would be able to field a large amount of soldiers, as well as a larger amount of military equipment, and would have an advantage in terms of its more modern military force. Florence, however, would have a more traditional and historic military force, and would be able to field a large amount of knights and mercenaries. Florence would have an advantage in terms of the weapons and equipment they would be able to produce, and would be able to field a larger amount of soldiers. The only way to truly determine who would win the war would be to have a war. Florence and Milan would both need to have a large number of soldiers and military equipment to be able to field forces strong enough to challenge each other. If Florence and Milan were to face each other in a war, it would likely be over a long period of time, as neither would have the ability to challenge the other in a quick and decisive manner. ^C (it was entering a loop)

Visual explanation of SHA-256

Very nice visual explanation of #crypto #hash SHA-256.
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Vicuna 7B in the browser

Whoa things go fast.

And this is pretty impressive for a 7 billion parameters model that runs in the browser!

(cfr. yesterday's post by @Simon Willison for more details)

A rap battle between cryptography and cryptanalysis

Here's a possible rap battle between cryptography and cryptanalysis:

Verse 1 (Cryptography):
I'm the master of code, the one who's got you all confuzzled
With my ciphers, I keep secrets safe, your tricks all in check
I'm the one who protects your data, no one can break my matadors
And when it comes to encryption, I'm the boss of them all

Verse 2 (Cryptanalysis):
You may have the keys, but I can break your locks
I unravel codes, I unlock your cloaks
I'm the one who finds the flaws, the cracks in your code
And when it comes to deciphering, I'm the master of the shore

Verse 3 (Cryptography):
Sure, you can break some codes, but you'll never break mine
I've got the skills, the knowledge, the art
I create ciphers that are impenetrable, impossible to divine
I'll keep your data safe, no matter what you do

Verse 4 (Cryptanalysis):
But I can also create ciphers, ones that are secure and true
I'll find the flaws, the gaps, the errors that you miss
I'll break your codes, no matter how complex they may seem
And when it comes to encryption, I'll always be the one to claim

Verse 5 (Cryptography):
We may have our differences, but we both serve the same
We protect data, keep secrets, make sure that nothing's harmed
Together, we create a balance, a harmony
In the end, we both win, as encryption is our domination

Verse 6 (Cryptanalysis):
But remember, cryptography is just a tool
Cryptanalysis is the art, the skill, the rule
Without us, your data could be at risk
But with our knowledge, we keep it safe and bright.

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serious portal 2 facility vibes

@ggerganov ain't half wrong.

Can't help but feel the AI hype is oriented in a non-optimal direction

It's almost as if we had just discovered the FFT algorithm and instead of revolutionizing telecommunications, we are using it to build Tamagotchis

P.S. I'm only half joking 😄

And to clarify - I don't mean this in a bad way. It's actually tons of fun these days in this field

I just think that in the long run, it will not be the chat bots that will be remembered, but rather the solutions to actual well-defined problems, which weren't solvable before


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