They broke #RSA 2048 using quantum computing on a commercial phone.
Yeah, sure. 不

"Quantum Leap in Computing: RSA-2048 Cracked on a Cellphone! 梗"

Dr. Ed Gerck announces a groundbreaking quantum computing (QC) achievement: RSA-2048 encryption has been broken using a commercial cellphone or a commercial Linux desktop! Should this turn out to be correct, this would mark a pivotal moment in cybersecurity, as current public-key encryption may no longer be secure. Time for quantum-resistant algorithms! 劾

As some others have also stated, and I quote "Well, I'd like to see a more tangible proof of these tall claims..."

Would be cool tho...

Source: Ed Gerck on LinkedIn

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@luca skeptical? Yes definitely I know I am haha
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Lots of hot air and insanity there.....

FYI, https://www.databreachtoday.com/blogs/researcher-claims-to-crack-rsa-2048-quantum-computer-p-3536

See for example the paper Gerck "published" where he claims Pi is "an unbounded series of rational numbers":