I notice that I go to twitter nowadays almost exclusively for news about #AI #LLM #neuralNetworks and it seems most of the contents are still there.

(On the other hand, e.g., infosec people seems to be most active here on the Fediverse.)

Is there any "user cluster" I didn't notice or subscribe to on those arguments in here, or do you think I might be right?

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Tim Kellogg mastodon (AP)
I don’t ever use X, but I think you’re probably right. I subscribe to the tags you used and I get a little of both pro & anti content. The most interesting stuff seems to be on hacker news — fwiw I look for engineering-heavy content, so I get pretty turned off by the “magic AI” people
James Neno mastodon (AP)
That has been my experience as well, although I've stopped using Twitter entirely recently. I've been following a lot of AI researchers recently here, so you might check my following list.
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