Vicuna 7B in the browser

Whoa things go fast.

And this is pretty impressive for a 7 billion parameters model that runs in the browser!

(cfr. yesterday's post by @Simon Willison for more details)

A rap battle between cryptography and cryptanalysis

Here's a possible rap battle between cryptography and cryptanalysis:

Verse 1 (Cryptography):
I'm the master of code, the one who's got you all confuzzled
With my ciphers, I keep secrets safe, your tricks all in check
I'm the one who protects your data, no one can break my matadors
And when it comes to encryption, I'm the boss of them all

Verse 2 (Cryptanalysis):
You may have the keys, but I can break your locks
I unravel codes, I unlock your cloaks
I'm the one who finds the flaws, the cracks in your code
And when it comes to deciphering, I'm the master of the shore

Verse 3 (Cryptography):
Sure, you can break some codes, but you'll never break mine
I've got the skills, the knowledge, the art
I create ciphers that are impenetrable, impossible to divine
I'll keep your data safe, no matter what you do

Verse 4 (Cryptanalysis):
But I can also create ciphers, ones that are secure and true
I'll find the flaws, the gaps, the errors that you miss
I'll break your codes, no matter how complex they may seem
And when it comes to encryption, I'll always be the one to claim

Verse 5 (Cryptography):
We may have our differences, but we both serve the same
We protect data, keep secrets, make sure that nothing's harmed
Together, we create a balance, a harmony
In the end, we both win, as encryption is our domination

Verse 6 (Cryptanalysis):
But remember, cryptography is just a tool
Cryptanalysis is the art, the skill, the rule
Without us, your data could be at risk
But with our knowledge, we keep it safe and bright.