Creality Ender 3

…so, after a couple of years of trying to leave the idea aside, I finally bought a 3D printer.
I'm really amazing how good is a cheap printer (€217) nowadays, and how easy it was to set it up.
In the first concave prints I had lots of stringing, which I solved as suggested by CHEP.
So, yes, now I own a 118dB whistle and I don't even know why. :P
You can follow my experiments in this Google Photos album: #3dprint #Creality #Ender3
Tartarosso Mastodon (AP)
how do you make the step files? Do you simply download them? Or do you know some basics of cad or cad like programs?
I do know some CAD basics, but this was just found in the huge repository that is Thingiverse.
(I try and put the links in the photos' description)
Maybe some slight mods, e.g. in the case of this fidget I flipped some pieces upside down to avoid needing support beams. Also for some (yet unknown) reasons one of the two bigger gears failed to print, so I duplicated the other one and mirrored it. Opensource Slic3r-PE allows this stuff easily.